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Introducing the Delmanor Aurora Culinary Crew! To them, the Delmanor family means more than just colleagues—it’s over 100 cherished grandmothers and grandfathers. They step into work every day, knowing that their family eagerly awaits their delicious creations and warm smiles. 🍽️💕

#aplacetolivewell #teamdelmanor #delmanoraurora #teameorkmakesthedreamwork
Meet Helen, a cherished member of the Delmanor family for two decades. This Family Day, she shared a glimpse into her heartwarming journey: a snapshot of her family gathering to celebrate her 60th wedding anniversary. 🎉💖

#aplacetolivewell #family #weddinganniversary #familydayweekend #delmanorglenabbey
👋 Meet Kristen, our Delmanor Community Outreach Specialist. To her, family is all about fun and quality time. Whether it’s laughter-filled adventures or quiet moments of connection, Kristen knows that family’s heart lies in the joy of being together. 💖

#aplacetolivewell #teamdelmanor #familyfirst #familytime
Spicing up Valentine’s Day with the Delmanor Couples Quiz! 💕
#aplacetolivewell #valentinedayfun #valentinecouple #valentine
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